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Commercial Refrigeration - Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers:

Drymon Refrigeration can help you with your walk-in cold storage needs. Whether its an institutional kitchen, restaurant kitchen walk-in cooler and freezer, or a tavern keg and bottle walk-in, Drymon Refrigeration can deliver a cold storage solution for you.

Drymon Refrigeration works with top walk-in cooler manufacturers to provide our customers with high quality walk-ins. We only use foamed-in-place urethane panel construction in our installations, not glued slab panels or styrene. This type of construction provides superior strength and integrity and ensures the walk-ins we install will withstand the vigorous everyday use our customers place upon their coolers and freezers.

Drymon Refrigeration will walk you through the design process for your cooler or freezer. With over 20 years of installation experience, we can answer your questions regarding placement, size limitations, product load, and help you determine how much cooler or freezer you may need.

Drymon Refrigeration can also provide estimates for the installation of your design.

Contact us for your next cold storage project.

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