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Kingspan Panels

Kingspan Thermalspan® Cold Storage Wall Panels. There are three standard profiles:
  • The 200 "Inverted Rib" series, the most popular profile of Kingspan cold storage panels. Thickness range from 2" to 6" makes panel especially suited for exterior wall panels on Cold Storage Buildings.
  • The 300 Minor Rib series, ideal for many cooler/freezer applications including partition walls, liner walls and ceilings.
  • The 300A Azteco® Embossed series that gives the look of a stucco wall, with the advantage of an insulated metal panel. Ideal for architectural applications where a flat profile is desired.
Each is available in a variety of finishes and colors to give you the desired look for your next project.

Hercules Doors

Over 45 years of producing one of the best cold storage doors in the world.

HerculesŪreg; specializes in custom designed door products for the cold storage, controlled environment, food and beverage processing/distribution, and pharmaceutical industries. With a wide range of applications including Blast Freezers, Freezers, Coolers, Docks, Processing Rooms, and Ripening Rooms and varied styles such as hinged, horizontal slide, vertical lift, overhead, bi-part, and bi-fold, the HerculesŪreg; Door offers a complete line of specialty doors for your specific application.

Chandler Refrigeration

An industry leader in refrigeration since 1933, Chandler has built a solid reputation for designing products known for their ruggedness, reliability and superior overall quality.

Chandler Refrigeration, backed by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, the most trusted name in commercial refrigeration.

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